Fire-Maple Fixed-Star 2 Stove –Budget Friendly Gear Review

I am a huge fan of the JetBoil stove systems and often borrowed my sisters for hiking trips. Now that we live in different cities and are on different schedules, it’s trickier to meet up and share gear. I decided it would be a good time to invest in my own camp stove. The only issue for me with the JetBoil systems is the $140 – $180 price tag. I looked at other stove options but ultimately decided that the JetBoil design is the best for my camping needs.

In doing a little research online, and trying to find anywhere that had a sale on stoves, I came across the Fire-Maple brand. They have a very similar look to the JetBoil stoves but are priced significantly lower at $70. I read plenty of positive reviews and decided to give it a try.

The cooking system comes with a stove and igniter, 1 liter insulated aluminum pot, a lid, a pot support attachment, and a gas canister stand. It all arrives neatly packed in a mesh bag that’s will allow it to dry out between uses.

The cooking system itself does not come with a fuel canister, but I picked one up from Atmosphere that works just fine.

Plenty of reviews mentioned that the canister fit snugly in the pot for storage but the one I picked up is a little too big for that. I’ll have to keep any eye out for a smaller canister so I can nest the whole cooking system together while hiking.

One of the features that lots of the reviews rave about is the collapsible handle that gives you more control than that of the JetBoil. I also really like the locking mechanism for the handle to keep everything secure when it’s packed.

The water reached a simmer around the 6-7 minute mark but takes about 10 minutes to get to a full boil. This is slower than the JetBoil time which is around 4-5 minutes, but not a huge problem for me seeing as I paid half the price for it.

Overall I think that this stove is an excellent buy. The materials feel sturdy, the design is well thought out, and the stove is easy to pack up and transport. I prefer to only boil water in the stove and pour it into dehydrated meals, and this works perfectly for that method. With the pot support attachment I would have no problem cooking with a larger pot or even a small frying pan.

Happy cooking!


6 thoughts on “Fire-Maple Fixed-Star 2 Stove –Budget Friendly Gear Review

  1. Good camping stoves aren’t cheap. We’re currently using the MSR pocket rocket and MSR pocket rocket stove kit. Unfortunately last summer we weren’t able to find the camping fuel that this stove uses anywhere and were forced to buy something else. We have a few fuel canisters left that we’ve been using sparingly when we head into the backcountry.


    1. Oh no! I picked up a MSR fuel canister just last week at an Atmosphere store so I hope the places near you get them stocked soon. I have wanted to try a small wood-burning stove for quite some time but fire bans are so frequent it would be unlikely that I could ever use it. So many cool options but each have their own setbacks I suppose!

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  2. Great review. We use the Primus Omnilite because we like to refill the fuel cannister rather than buying a new one. This one also allows us to use different fuels when we travel.

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      1. Your style is much more popular but we’d rather refill our own cannisters. Some longer or winter trips we need more then one of our cannisters so we’d probably have to take 3 or 4 of the size of yours! They’re much more expensive though which is probably why they’re not as popular.


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