Lizard Peak, Sara Park – Lake Havasu City, AZ

The Lizard Peak trail is located in Sara Park in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It’s a 5.8km loop with 256m of elevation gain. This was our first time visiting Lake Havasu in the winter, and it was great to avoid the heat and get some hiking done.

Sara Park has plenty of trails and options for hiking, you can make your adventure as short or as long as you’d like. It’s a popular spot, so arrive early if you want to beat the heat and get ahead of the other hikers and mountain bikers.

We hiked the loop counter clockwise and started with the steeper sections. While we managed just fine, this would be a good trail to have trekking poles. The loose rock was slippery in some sections, more so for me as my boots are starting to have a fair bit of wear on their soles.

Seeing a lizard on Lizard Peak was the perfect excuse to stop for a break on the switchbacks. As we made our way further up the trail we noticed a lizard made out of rocks below that we had hiked right past.

We came up to a section that was a bit of a scramble. I was a bit short to comfortably climb up and a little nervous to try and fail with a pretty far fall below, so Pat boosted me up. The boost gave me a little too much confidence maybe and I scrambled up the rest of the rockface in such a hurry that I hit my head on the overhang.

Ouch! I sat for a minute to make sure I hadn’t given myself a concussion. After a few minutes of recovery I was fine, just sporting a few new scrapes and bruises, and we continued on. The rest of the way up to the peak was steep but manageable. Before we knew it, we were at the top!

The day was perfect and the view was gorgeous! We soaked in every minute of sun after having a mostly overcast week. There is a picnic table that would make for a delightful lunch spot. We shared a snack and enjoyed the view for a while before making our way down the other side.

It’s all fun and games on the way down after the elevation gain is done and over with. This was another section where I would have liked to have trekking poles, but I went slow and steady and it was just fine. After a few months of snow, every minute of sunshine was a gift!

We traversed along the rock face a bit until we were just above the Crack in the Mountain Trail and found our way down to the washout.

We had to circle back and see the lizard that we had noticed while we were hiking earlier. It must have taken some time to put together!

After admiring the carefully crafted lizard we made our way back to the car, first stop for a Java Chip drink at The Human Bean of course.

Happy hiking!


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  1. Looks like a fun hike! Ouch on the overhang; I’ve hit my head on rocks before so I know how much that hurts. Glad you were okay.


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