Tanluhu 15L Trail Running Pack -Budget Friendly Gear Review

As I have been beginning to get in to canicross the last few months, I have also started looking into purchasing a trail running vest so I can carry water for myself and the pups. In particular, I love the look of the Nathan Trail Mix 7L Race Pack. The only draw back for me about it was the price, as $150 for a hydration pack is pretty pricy, especially for a beginner.

I hummed and hawed about it for a long time, until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across an amazon listing for a pink hydration vest that was only $35. After reading some positive reviews, I ordered myself a Tanluhu 15L Hydration Pack and have since been able to try it out a few times.

The pack weighs about half a pound, comes in a variety of bright colors, has reflective strips, and 8 pockets. The material feels fairly sturdy and the plastic pieces aren’t flimsy. It fits my Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir just fine, the only inconvenience is that the zipper is on the wrong side so the pack needs to be either turned around or the top of the pocket left open.

There is plenty of room in the various pockets and the bungee cords on the back would be perfect if you needed to drop a layer or carry an extra along. I’m glad that I’ll be able to fit a collapsible dog water bowl in it as well as extra water for my pups.

It is likely most suitable for a size M-L, and would feel a little loose on an XS-S. The front straps are adjustable, however they don’t fit quite as snug as I would like. I think it would be a relatively easy fix to swap them out for shorter ones if you wanted to DIY your way into a better fitting vest.

The pack feels comfortable while you are moving, and the thick straps did not dig in on my shoulders or sides. The front pockets are well placed and your arms do not catch them as you run.

Piper enjoying a run

In summary, I think that this piece of gear is a great find for its price. It is comfortable to wear, has plenty of room, and comes in a variety of colors. It’s a great choice for a beginner like myself who is interested in getting in to trail running. If it is an activity I plan on sticking with in the future I might look for something with a more tailored fit, but for now this vest is perfect for what I need it for.

Happy trail running!


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    1. She certainly can, for hikes! I won’t put any extra weight on her for running because it’s a higher impact activity, but if we are walking long distances she can carry her own dog food and water. 🙂

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