At Home Adventures – Dog Walks & Perch Fishing

It’s been tricky to get out and do all of the overnight hiking I had planned for this summer. With the heat wave we have been going through, and all of the nearby fires and smoke, it’s best to stay closer to home. But, fewer hiking opportunities just opens the door for other fun activities, and we definitely keep busy.

Bright and early, around 6am to be exact, I was woken up by a wagging tail slapping on the side of my bed. June knows when it’s breakfast time and she always ensures that I don’t sleep past it. After the dogs were fed, I decided to pack them up and take them to the other side of the lake where they could run off leash.

June and Piper run through the grass

We lucked out to have a smoke-free, wind-free morning. I let the dogs out of the car and they zoomed happily along the lake side. A few early bird fishermen had already set up on the rocks, and another was launching their bright red canoe that was stuffed full with gear for a day on the lake.

I have been trying to work on recall with the dogs, Piper in particular, and packed a secret weapon today to guarantee success. I guess a pocket full of cheese cubes is a good way to keep your dogs nearby.

After my cheese supply was exhausted, and the dogs got a few good splashes in the lake, we made our way back to the vehicle. Even at 7am, it was already feeling warm out, and an air conditioned home is such a treat. I left the dogs to nap on the couch, but still wanted to get a few more hours in the outdoors.

I decided to set out on my kayak and do a little fishing. It’s not exactly built to be a fishing kayak, but it does the trick. What a treat to see clear skies and a calm lake. I made my way over to my favourite little spot where I know the perch are. It also happens to be near a popular pelican hang out so I get to enjoy the birds from afar while I cast my line.

I ended up catching about 8 yellow perch, and released them all. They’re one of my favourite to fish for because they’re small and easy to catch and usually pretty easy to remove from the hook. They definitely don’t swallow hooks whole like an aggressive jackfish.

The water was so calm that I watched the fish follow my hook up to the boat. After a few smaller catches I started to get some bigger fish.

Eventually, the lake started to get busier and the wind began to pick up, so I decided to head home. It was still a gorgeous sunny day, and the splashes from the waves as I made my way across were welcomed.

I am planning on making a few modifications to my kayak to make it even better for adventures, and I have a paddle clip and cup holder waiting to be installed. I also wouldn’t mind putting bungee cord on the front of the boat as well hold on to any extra gear, and maybe even a fishing rod holder for good measure.

After I made it home with all of my gear, I joined my dogs on the couch for a much needed nap.

Happy adventuring!


6 thoughts on “At Home Adventures – Dog Walks & Perch Fishing

  1. What a great day out in nature – for both the dogs and for you!
    We have two kayaks that we often take to the lake in our town (in summer time) and we’ve also discussed the option of fishing rod holders to spent a lazy day on the lake to see whether we can catch some fish.
    What a wonderful day … and yes, after all of that excitement you do deserve a nap on the couch 😉.

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  2. What a greatl morning. We haven’t been hiking much this year either with the heat and the smoke. I think you’re in Saskatchewan? Too bad the smoke is so bad there too. Maggie

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