My 3 Outdoor Activity Goals for This Winter

As the leaves are beginning to turn, and the mornings are getting darker, I am starting to think about how I can make this winter one to remember, even though it seems likely that we will still be practicing social distancing. Pushing myself to get outside despite the cold makes me appreciate the season a whole lot more, and also catch some of that elusive daylight. This will also be my first cold season with my dog Piper, who I adopted back in April, and I am looking forward to making her first winter as a retired sled dog a great one.

Here are three things I want to give a try this winter!

Skijoring With Piper

For the last two snowy seasons, cross-country skiing has been my favorite way to get outside in the cold. Now that I have Piper, I think that skiing could be the perfect activity for us to do together. As a retired sled dog, she is extremely familiar with wearing a harness and running on trails, so I’m hoping it will be an easy transition for her.

Piper at work

Even in their retirement, sled dogs require plenty of exercise, and Piper still loves to run. I need to purchase a pulling harness, a hip belt, and a tug line to get us started. Piper is not much of a puller (based on my experience with her on a dog sled), but she loves going running so I’m hoping that this can be a great way for us to get some exercise this winter.

Cross country skiing

(Finally) Learning How to Snowboard

This is something that I have been saying since I was 16, but I really truly do want to figure out how to snowboard without getting scared and stopping, or falling every few minutes. It is so frustrating to try over and over again to feel like I haven’t made a stitch of progress, but I’m also not quite ready to admit defeat.

I may even consider switching to downhill skis instead of a board if I continue to have no luck. I am thankful for my kind and patient boyfriend and friends who continue to convince me to go back and give it another try. And if all else fails there’s always a chalet nearby to sit by a warm fire and enjoy a caesar, right?

Winter Camping

Camping is one of my favorite things to do throughout the warmer seasons, and I would love to get out and experience the winter even more. About four years ago I spent an overnight in a Quinzhee with my Recreation and Tourism program and it was such a unique experience.

Successful night in the Quinzhee

A Quinzhee is created by building up a large pile of snow, letting it harden up, and then hollowing out the center to create a space to sleep. As soon as we get enough snow on the ground, my sister and I will be out there trying to craft the perfect snow shelter. We will need to trade in our ultra light backpacking gear for some heavier cold weather sleeping bags, but sleeping in a snow shelter can be very warm if it is set up right! There are so many amazing places in Saskatchewan that I want to revisit in the winter, and camping is a great way to do it.

Ready for a winter overnight

How are you going to get outside this winter?

Happy adventuring!


17 thoughts on “My 3 Outdoor Activity Goals for This Winter

  1. Ugh, that’s right, winter is coming. I like that you are already setting goals for yourself. I’ve always wanted to try winter camping as I generally enjoy camping, and think everything would look so beautiful blanketed in snow. But I’ve never done it because I just don’t like the cold.

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    1. I hear ya! Waking up in a cold tent is not my idea of a good time. I’m hoping we get some milder winter days this season, although I saw that a past Saskatchewanderer spent a night in a quinzhee in -40c last winter! She’s a badass, I don’t think I am ready for that yet.

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  2. Sounds like fun! We usually do one winter camping trip every year, part of a ski traverse, but we use our 4 season tent. A quinzhee would make it real winter camping! By the way, skiing is better than snowboarding!! πŸ™‚

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    1. I am so inspired by your adventures! Hopefully one day I will plan a trip like that as well. And I think I must agree about the skiing > snowboarding thing, I am stubborn to get use out of the gear I own but I also feel like I spent most of my weekend at Marmot on my butt in the snow instead of on my board. Haha.

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  3. I had never heard of skijoring before, but it sounds like so much fun!

    Downhill skiing is way, way easier than snowboarding to learn and become competent at. I’ve heard that becoming an excellent downhill skiier is more difficult than becoming an excellent snowboarder, however I’m happy just with getting down the hill. πŸ™‚

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  4. Juney and I ski-jor regularly. I have a pair of hoks from Altai Ski, so I don’t get going too fast and can help with the hillclimbs.
    Did you know ski-joring was an Olympic event early in the last century? In some places they even use horses.
    My jorring belt and bungee lead are from Nooksak Racing.
    Sasha’s custom harness is from Alpine Outfitters.
    We snowshoe if it’s too deep.
    Ice fishing is another fun winter activity if you fish. Even if you don’t, a lot of fun can be had out on the ice while waiting for tip-up flags.
    And- no bugs!


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    1. Thank you so much Paz! I appreciate you sharing your gear as I was a little unsure of what to look for. I think skijoring with horses would be such an incredible experience!
      I have gone ice fishing a few times, I love sitting with some friends to play cards and chat while we fish!


  5. Tia, you’re so lucky that you have easy access to snow this winter! Envious of all these activities you’re going to be able to try. Good luck!! – From your follower in New Delhi, India πŸ™‚

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